What it does
FST introduces Solid2Cut, the software designed for the automatic creation of cutting lists starting from 3D files, even in presence of compound angles and trimmings. Solid2Cut, starting from a list of three-dimensional STEP files designed with any CAD 3D, is able to recognize the profile section, read the dimensions and the cutting angles: in this way it’s possible to create automatically a cutting list even in presence of compound angles (i.e. that include simultaneously both the rotation and the inclination of the cutting blade), like in 5-axis miter saws.

Who is it designed for?  
Solid2Cut is helpful for those using a three-dimensional CAD who want to import automatically a cutting list from STEP file. Solid2Cut is indispensable when using cutting lists with compound angles, given the difficulty in calculating the exact cutting angle starting from the piece design. In this way you can automatically produce a file to be used by the miter saws or the cutting line. 

What's new    
Solid2Cut is an easy-to-use and almost automatic software, and it’s the first solution designed specifically for the cutting, integrating perfectly with the Fom miter saws. Solid2Cut is designed to recognize both simple and compound angles and angles with trimmings.

Why Solid2Cut: an example    
Given a three-dimensional design, it’s often difficult understanding what should be the cutting measure, and the blade rotation and inclination to set. With Solid2Cut it’s all done automatically error-free.

Main benefits
- Automatic import of a cutting list starting from a 3D design: the creation of a cutting list is a lot faster, because it is created automatically by the pieces designs instead of being inserted manually by the operator.
- Recognition of profile code, measures, cutting angles and trimmings
- Error-free: the accuracy of the cutting list created with Solid2Cut eliminates the risks of miscalculations and transcription errors.
- Easy to use
- Integration with miter saws and cutting lines
- Know-how of the producer: Soli2Cut is designed and tested in synergy with Fom Industrie Fom Industrie, leader in the production of aluminium and PVC processing machines.