FSTLine manages cutting and cutting and machining lines. Based on the client's needs, cutting and machining lines may be composed of “stations”. On each station operations such as cutting, trim cutting, machining, anuba hinge insertion and label application to pieces are executed.
FSTLine is divided into two areas: the execution area, that shows the bars actually loaded to the mat and the editing area, where the bars to be machined are checked and edited.
FSTLine contains a profile archive with profile sections and the necessary information for how to load them into the machine, an archive for macros or “accessories” that can be executed on each single piece and an archive of offcuts, meaning the reusable rests of bars from previous machinings.
To reduce the material usage to a minimum, the software optimizes the cutting lists by exploiting the offcuts in the archive and avoiding any damaged areas on the bars.
The 3D-view and simulation allow to view the operations added to each piece and each bar.
The data entry concerning how the profile is taken and positioned in the machine is guided by explanatory texts and images.

Features of FSTLine
Management of cutting lines and of cutting and machining lines
Importation of cutting and machining lists directly from the office desk
3D-view of bars and pieces
Editing of cutting and machining lists during execution
Profile archive in DXF format
Guided data entry for profile loading and profile management
Macro and tool archives
Cutting list optimization with offcuts and damaged areas
Offcut archive
Label print-outs for pieces and re-useable offcuts
Remake of a piece by bar-code reading
Loading offcuts by bar code
Automatic label applicator management
Operator login with different authorization levels