FSTSolid automatically recognizes the machining in a STEP file.
FSTSolid import a STEP file generated by any three-dimensional CAD such as: Catia ®, ProE ®, SolidWorks ®, and inserted automatically recognizes the machining of a workpiece.
Performs automatic assignment of the tools or allows you to assign a work of technological parameters default.
FSTSolid automatically recognizes all the major processes such as cutting holes and notches. The work included can be stored and re-used as parametric machining in a new piece.
FSTSolid create the ISO or CNC for the center.

Fst Solid

Features of FSTSolid
STEP file import
Automatic recognition of cuts, grooves, holes and double holes
3D visualization of machining
Viewing the toolpath
Simulation of the removed material
Breakdown of complex operations in more elementary processes
Automatic assignment tool
Library of parametric machining
Integration with FOM working centers