CAMMarble is the software for the machining with 4 or 5 stones axes and sintered materials and for disc cutting, waterjet or combined.

Drawing of the part or import of the DXF/DWG
he internal CAD allows you to create the drawing of a part from scratch or to import and modify an existing DXF or DWG.
AMMarble automatically identifies the closed paths, recognises the internal and external part of a drawing and defines the starting points of the process and the optimal path of attack and exit based on the tool used.

Sheet disc cutting
CAMMarble automatically optimises the execution of sheet disc cutting:
- Reduces the length of disc cuts in the event of interference between the parts
- Automatically inserts milling or core drilling into internal corners and joins adjacent cuts where possible

Use the plunge, taking advantage of the martyr floor placed under the sheet, saving time and material
Order machinings in an optimal way
Inserts multiple passes to cut thicker materials
Implement optimised cutting functions for sintered materials

Cutting of the sheet with waterjet or combined cut
CAMMarble manages the cutting of the material both with waterjet only and with a combined cut, that is with waterjet plus disc.
In combined cutting, CAM Marble greatly reduces execution times by performing the cutting plane with the disc and inserting the waterjet cuts only where they are needed.

Image of the sheet
CAMMarble allows you to view the image of the sheet with respect to the cutting plane, and to move the parts interactively to make the most of the material and achieve the best aesthetic result.
The software has all the necessary tools for the calibration of the image acquired by the camera and the correction of the distortion.

Basting, digging and emptying
CAMMarble allows you to create a shaped border of any shape, either by designing it or importing it from DXF: it is possible to create sinks, basins and shower trays by creating them from a combination of two-dimensional views or by importing them from a surface.

Beveled Pattern
CAMMarble allows you to easily create any type of bas-relief from a 3D file. Given an STL file, a few clicks will be enough to insert it in any position, choose the size, depth and quality of the finish.

Engraving of texts
With CAMMarble engraving a text is simple, there are no limits on the types of characters used. The software uses any true type font installed on the PC: simply select the desired type of font and make the text as engraving, emptying or high relief.

Generation of the ISO code
CAMMarble generates the ISO code for any type of machine, verifying its feasibility with respect to the working fields and simulating the execution in 3D. The program can operate on the network from multiple locations sharing the same tool parameters.