FomCam is a Cad/Cam specialized in the machining of extruded profiles. Developed expressly for FOM Industrie CNC machining centres, in close collaboration with Industrial and Windows experts, FomCam is the easy-to-use software that help draw and execute any kind of machining.
The User Interface, both 2D and 3D, and the handy list of all the progress made in designing make FomCam an intuitive and easy-to-learn software. FomCam can be found on all 3 and 4 axis FOM machining centres.

Parametric Machinings
Machining can be made parametric in the project and be modified, moved or repeated. Modifying the formulas and the parameter in the project and the software will update in real time all the machinings.

Execution optimization
To speed up the work process, FomCam will minimize automatically the total change tool operations and spindle movements.

FomCam handles a profile library (DXF), a tool library but also a macro library for a easy access to the most used machinings and machinings bundles.

Inserting of group of archived machining
Inserting a machining bundle tied to an accessory is super easy: it’s just a matter of choosing the right bundle code and assigning the correct position along the x axis of the extrusion and every machining, with the related tool data, will be inserted automatically.

Machining Centre control during execution
The machining centre can be directly controlled by FomCam, which through the MI module, will transmit the CNC and control the execution without ever closing the software.

Production Automation
Starting the work cycle of each piece is as easy as reading its own barcode. Through the barcode, the machining centre will process all the required operations for that specific design. The software allow interruptions and restarts and shows all the informations about the current state of each piece like the total number of pieces required and the current level.

Double area machinery in masked time
FomCam allows for an additional time saving mechanism, transmitting and positioning the clamps on one area while the machining is working on the other one.

Before processing on the machine, each CNC can be simulated in all its phases through the intuitive and realistic FomCam interface. The piece, the machine and all its component like the tools and spindle are all available in a 3D ambient where the user can move around freely rotating the view angle or using one of many preset views. Clamp settings can be seen and switched out with just a click of the mouse as executions with multiple pieces at the same time.

WorkTime estimation – “Clock” module
FomCam simulation engine is able to estimate execution time of any project, and will offer a graph showing the total time and details of all the working phases of the project. It is possible to run the simulation also on a list of pieces to estimate production times of a whole job.

Caratteristiche di FomCam

Simulation pieces, tools and machining in 3D
Preview of the position of the piece on the machine
Multi-area work-flow management
Multiple and custom clamp configuration available
Library of accessory-related machining groups
DXF profile library
Automatic optimization of machining order and clamps positioning
Automatic workflow through barcode readers.

Note: Function’s availability is dependant on the software configuration and mechanic configuration of the machine.