Especially developed for the tooling machines manufactured by Fom Industrie, FSTCam4 is the complete software solution for machines with 4 or 5 interpoled axes. FSTCam4 has an extremely user-friendly interface that makes all work processes easier starting from the first steps until the last machining.

Addition of machinings

Predefined standard machinings
Special guided features allow the user to add and position new machinings such as drill holes, slots, cylinder locks, etc.

Machinings with disk tools and T-mills
It has never been this easy to work with disk tools. FSTCam4 offers dedicated functions that simplify and make the user's tasks faster while adding cuts, machinings with T-mills and 2 planes trim cuts.

Machinings on non-planar surfaces (5 axes interpolations)
4 or 5 axes machinings on non-planar surfaces make it essential to use a CAD/CAM programming of the machine. FSTCam4 provides all the tools necessary to position machinings following a three-dimensional path or surface. The features offered by the software make it easy to create complex paths allowing it to fully exploit the machine's potential.

Advanced features for the machining management

FSTCam4 features a series of advanced functions to optimize the design and machining of pieces.

Parametrical programming and X-Y-Z repetitions
Any geometry, also if positioned on planes oriented in space, can be parameterized. The size, position, and its activation can be linked to variables and formulas. The machinings can be repeated along a line, on a surface or along an arc of circumference. All features of such a repetition like entrance, step and number, angle, etc. can be parameterized and are added through a wizard interface.

Addition of new machining geometries from DXF file
A machining of any shape can be imported from a DXF file. FSTCam4 determines the tool path based on the tool diameter. FSTCam4 can import more than one 2D view and automatically show the machinings on the 3D profile view.

Automatic recognition of depth planes
FSTCam4 automatically recognizes the interspaces of the profile by optimizing the entrance and the execution of the machining taking into account the total machining depth and the position of the planes of the material.

Work strategies
For each machining FSTCam4 offers the user the possibility to define different execution strategies by setting for example starting, spiral starting or ending connections or a particular tool machining angle.

Emptying and contours
An effective calculation algorithm is able to calculate the optimal tool path in order to remove all material from the inside (emptying) or from the outside (contouring) of the shape of the machining.

Touch probe management
Through the dimension detection tool, commonly referred to as “touch probe “, you can analyze the real shape of the profile or the shape and position of a machining and use the information collected in this way to adjust the position of the machinings.

Calculation of execution times
The simulation system of FSTCam calculates in advance the execution times of a program.

3D tool library
Totally integrated with the machine FSTCam4 recognizes all the tools available to the operator and suggests the tools most suitable for the machining in the design phase. The tool library is the 3D image of each tool including the types of cone used.

Machine simulator and collision control
An advanced machine simulator is the complete solution for monitoring the tool movements. FSTCam4 identifies all potential collisions of the head - tool group against the vises determining the optimal position. In case of particularly complex pieces the system can carry out the machinings in more than one phase by automatically changing the vises positions between a phase and the other. All possible head - tool collisions against the piece are visually indicated to the user who can decide how best to intervene. This powerful test tool greatly facilitates the control of the user's work process making the system extremely safe even if the operator is not yet proficient in the use of CNC machines. The FSTCam4 simulation system calculates in advance the execution times of a program.