What it does
FSTCut4 is the new and advanced management program for double-head sawing machines. In fact, it manages all the operations that can be carried out on these machines. It allows a cut to be made in managed mode and can receive a cutting list directly from the office, while it uses the Industria 4.0 environment to transmit the production data back to the office itself. It reduces the use of materials to a minimum by optimising the cut.

Eliminates errors:
In order to prevent errors when it receives the cutting list from the office, the software displays the section of the profile to position on the machine. A profile archive in DXF (or DWG) format is in fact loaded directly into the sawing machine with instructions for positioning the piece on the machine.

Graphic and personalisable labels:
Prints personalisable labels in any language, including with non-western fonts. When the software from the office supports it, the label can also display the location of the piece in the window.

Execution in automatic movement mode (also known as "step-by-step"):
Cutting corner joints: simply entering the quantity, the software calculates the number of pieces thet can be obtained from the bar 
List cuts: through the use of a suitable unloading belt, the sotware can execute a list of cuts on pieces with different angles and sizes using the mobile head as a bar pusher.

Saving material:
FSTCut4 is provided with cut optimisation function: selecting a particular number of pieces to cut, the software optimises the cut and instructs the machine on how to place the pieces inside the bar in order to save material. The cut optimisation also provides the option of using re-usable offcuts: a profile remaining from previous cut can, in fact, be reloaded by entering the dimensions or by reading the barcode (FSTCut4, in fact, prints a barcode with the data of each piece produced and each remnant).

Makes full use of  the machine's capabilities:
Cutting capacity: FSTCut4 supports the cutting of pieces that are longer or shorter than the nominal maximum and minimum cutting length and can effect a trim cut at any angle.

The only program with advanced barcode management:
FSTCut4 is the only software for double-head sawing machines with advanced barcode management: the barcode reader can be used to call-up a cutting list for machining a piece or for the re-use of an offcut.

Versatility, efficiency and simple integration in the company management system:
Thanks to FSTCut4, the sawing machine can also work with data input directly by the management system: in this way, it automatically receives a cutting list so that the operator knows what he needs to load and effects the cut without having to manually call up a file containing the list.

Parametric items:
The software supports the creation of parametric items that can be configured inside the sawing machine and then executed, cut and optimised. These parametric items can be selected and the value of the parameters defined: this results in a cutting list that is then, at this stage, optimised to produce the items directly on the machine.

Always perfect sizes:
FSTCut4 manages the gauge: if there are extrusion variations (i.e. the profile is not at its nominal height) the profile height measurer corrects the dimensional errors that would occur during the cut.

Industry 4.0 ready:
The innovations of FSTCut4 render the sawing machine Industria 4.0 ready, in that with the statistical package it finds all the pieces that have been cut as well as the messages and then sends the data to the office. Provides for integration with the IOT cloud based LOLA package.

Who is it designed for?
The double-head sawing machines with the new FSTCut4 system are ideal for all companies that want to reduce errors and material waste and work in a more efficient manner. The software makes full use of the mechanical potential of the machine and allows integrated management of the workshop: no errors by the operator when loading the profile. The workshop data is sent directly to the office, integrating perfectly in the factory’s production system.

What's new
FSTCut4 has been created to off all the advantages of the Industria 4.0: it receives data from the office and returns production data. Integrated with the LOLA system at Cloud level. Can be perfectly integrated into the company network via Ethernet adopting Windows parameters. The software provides more advanced barcode reader management. It offers greater capacities in automatic bar feed management and an advanced cutting management. It allows remote management of the remote assistance service.

Main benefits
- Touch screen user interface
- Reception of company network data via Ethernet through a Windows interface
- On board machine cutting optimisation with the useof offcuts
- Profile archive display in DXF/DWG
- Advanced management of trim cuts
- Automatic feed management (“step-by-step”) at different angles
- Industry 4.0 ready
- Integrated with LOLA
- Use of barcode reader
- Remote assistance on board the machine