Available in 2 versions is a module dedicated to managing ProF2 curtain wall.
Using a wizard interface that passing from the definition of the floors, the definition of the posts and after that the crosspieces allows the operator to quickly define the structure of the facade also calculating the moment of inertia of the nodes verifying compliance with weight limits.
After defining the structure, with a few clicks you create space to insert doors and other openings. The program automatically calculates the new positions for beams and other structural elements
LThe design and visualization is done in CAD and drawings can be saved in DXF format for use in AutoCAD ™. The measures are included automatically recognized by the design or full scale. In this way you can make a precise verification of the structure and eliminate errors early in the initial design fse.

Characteristics of ProSky versions: Standard and ProfessionalSTPF
Designing in CAD 2DXX
Management of rectangular structures, with angles or curved sidesXX
Graphical management of the position of the floorsXX
Graphics Manager position of crossbars and uprightsXX
Guided composition of the node of the post / beamXX
Accessories management, including fixing brackets to the floorXX
Calculation of the inertia momentXX
Calculation of the estimateXX
Calculation of the materials (profiles, accessories, glass / panels and seals)XX
Integration with machining centers managed by FOMCAM / ARESCAM X
Working complete management X