Available in four versions, ProF2 is the perfect solution for the management of framing companies. The fully scalable versions allow easy product upgrades according to the growth of your business.

Design environment
ProF2 is able to make any type of framing: rectangular, polygonal or in arch, and made with aluminum, PVC, steel or aluminum-wood systems. The CAD design environment allows the operator to design the framings in internal or external view, create sections and nodes or images of the frames that can be exported in DXF or DWG format. The 3D view shows the operator all the details of the framing, including the machining. ProF2 displays directly in the design environment the Uw value, the list of profiles and glass cutting and the list of accessories, which can be inserted in parameter or optional mode depending on the size and weight of the frame. 

Uw calculation and CE labeling
An updated industry must also comply with current regulations, and that’s why ProF2 has an area dedicated to:

  • Uw Calculation and verification of the limits according to the climatic zone 

  • Management of Initial Type Tests (ITT) including extensibility verification
  • Printing of the EC performance declaration

  • Management and printing of the FPC production control plan

  • Printing of the statements of compliance

Order management
ProF2 easily and accurately analyzes the production costs of a frame or an order of framing, calculating the material and the time it takes to be completed. Based on production costs, ProF2 can also determine the analytical selling price of each frame. Multiple options allow the operator to customize the layout of the technical labels for the production and the estimates, which can be viewed, printed or exported in Word®, Excel®, and PDF format.


Grid price lists
ProF2 calculates grid price lists by setting the dimension and steps for each typology. The lists can be printed or exported in Excel® format.

Profiles archive
An FST archive with more than a thousand different ready-to-use profiles makes ProF2 an easy startup in your company. The files are open and new systems can easily be added autonomously, and on request FST can develop new ones.

Warehouse management and orders
Based in a production batch, with just a click you will be able to manage the works as well as the unloading of the material from your warehouse. ProF2 automatically stores the profile shortcuts generated by the production and reuses them in new orders.

Cut optimization
To minimize the waste of the bar, ProF2 considers multiple factors, such as: different bar lengths, shortcuts, reversibility, unification in sets, or it searches for the optimum bar length and it always offers the best possible cutting sequence.

Connection with machines
ProF2 transfers the production information to the machines in the workshop, such as trimmers, work centers, welding apparatus, polishing machines or automatic assembly benches. The barcode generated by ProF2 identifies the workpiece during all work phases.

Features of ProF2 versions

  • Guided design of rectangular typologies
  • CAD 2D scale design of typologies  
  • Insertion of transoms and mullions 
  • Cutting list optimization 
  • Printing and calculation of estimates and cutting lists 
  • Analysis of production costs 
  • Insertion of automatic/manual levels
  • Management of compound profiles (e.g. wood/aluminum, PVC)
  • Management of accessories, parameters of groups of accessories and options
  • Export printing in Word®, Excel® or PDF format
  • Export images, glasses and panels in DXF or DWG format
  • Export cutting lists to trimmers via FOM protocol 
  • View of the sections in CAD environment
  • Export sections in DXF or DWG format
  • Calculation of the thermal transmittance of the frame Uw 
  • Handling of CE documentation and FPC control plan
  • Guided creation of typologies with 3/4/5 polygonal sides
  • Inserting oblique transoms
  • Manual management of the profile offcuts
  • Connection driver with non-FOM trimmers  
  • Grid Price List Calculation Module (PLM Base)
  • Use of typologies and lists created with PLM
  • Guided composition for arch typologies
  • Definition of frames of any shape, even with curved sides 
  • Management of the stock of profiles, accessories and orders to suppliers 
  • Automatic management of the offcut warehouse 
  • Advanced features for the design of band windows
  • Advanced optimization and optimum bar length search
  • 3D rendering of the typology and export in STL format
  • Automatic import of the processing list from FOM software
  • Graphic interface for connection of the machining to the typology
  • Machining assignment based on profile or accessory used
  • Export list to centers or work lines via FOM protocol