Available in two versions, ProSky is a ProF2 module dedicated to the management of flat curtain walls.
Through the guided interface, the operator can quickly define the structure of the curtain wall by calculating the moment of inertia too. Once the structure is defined, doors, openings and fixed parts are inserted with just a few clicks. 
Design in CAD environment allows real-time visualization of the curtain wall and export the design to DXF or DWG format for later use in Autocad™.
Features of ProSky 
- Design in CAD 2D environment
- Management of rectangular structures, polygonal or with curved sides
Graphic management of the position of the anchorage
Graphical management of the transoms and mullions
Guided composition of the node for the mullion/transom
Accessory management, including attachment brackets to the anchorage
Calculation of inertia movement
Calculation of estimates
Material calculation (profiles, accessories, glass/panels, etc.)
Automatic import of the machining list (macro) from FST and FOM software
Graphic interface for connection of the machining to the typology
Automatic assignment of machining based in the profile or accessory used
Export worklists to work centers or workstations via FST/FOM Industrie protocol.