The software that makes it quick and easy to create cutting and processing lists directly from the technical office.

ProductionPlus is the ideal solution for door and window manufacturers and for all those industrial manufacturers who need to quickly create a cutting list: by entering the measurements, and possibly working with production rules, or by creating parametric items and assigning parameter values.
Quickly create a list of parts to be produced, starting from aluminium bars of different sizes. It is very flexible and does not require a complex structure of data and archives.
It was created to create cutting and processing lists on all FOM machines: cutting-off machines, machining centres, cutting lines and cutting and working lines. It is also easily adaptable in those contexts that also use machines from other manufacturers.
It is the fastest way to get from the technical office to the machine with cutting lists, without having to enter values or reinterpret them: in fact, there is not an equally immediate program on the market to easily create a cutting and processing list for many pieces with case different studies.

Main benefits
- It makes it very easy to create a cutting and processing list, without having particularly complex archives
- Optimise the material by minimising waste
- Easy to use
What you see is what you get: visualization of 3D graphics
- Allows you to run the same cutting and processing list on multiple machines

Creation of cutting lists and processing
It allows you to easily create a list of parts:
can be set manually by entering the dimensions and selecting the type of profile 
workpieces can be inserted as macros if necessary, also using repetition rules and formulas
- the 3D visualization of the piece with the workmanship immediately makes the result evident

Cutting lists optimization
Once the parts list is created, it allows you to optimize the cutting list:
using both new bars and blanks
using various optimization options (search for the best bar/use of bars of different lengths / optimizing for packs of profiles to be cut together)

Create the list once, run everywhere: integration with all FOM machines
One of the biggest advantages of 
ProductionPlus is the creation, from a single point, of a cutting and processing list that can be sent to machines of different types:
- making best use of the features of each machine 
- sending data and reading macro data from all FOM machines with all the latest software
adapting the software, when other manufacturers' machines are present in the workshop

Process simplification and minimization of material waste
ProductionPlus simplifies production organization:
- with a profile archive
- with a macro archive (in which to insert repetitions, repeated copies of the same piece, etc.)
- with an archive of cutting stock, to optimize using these shorter bars (significantly reducing material waste)

Management of parametric items
It manages parametric articles and creates a library of articles where (for example in a desk):
- by changing the dimensional variables, the types and sizes of the pieces needed to produce the article are automatically calculated
- by entering the quantity, the production order is then created in a very simple way