PLM is the FST solution for managing grid price lists, and it is available in two versions. 
The basic version of PLM, including ProF2 from the LT version, analytically calculates the price grid and exports it to PDF or EXCEL® format. 
In the full version, PLM is a powerful business configurator able to analyze the typologies and suggest the user all the possible technical variants of realization, such as colors, alternative glasses, optional accessories, additional bands and sockets and types of feasible openings.
For every variant identified by the system or entered by the user, it can be attributed a computational price variation by different rules.
With PLM, it is possible to make a list of sales for all types of frames produced by the company (aluminum, PVC, iron, wood-aluminum, etc.) and also marketed products such as doors, internal doors, mosquito nets, dumpsters or frames not manufactured internally.
Internal commercial management
The price lists made with PLM can be internally used by the company to make sales estimates using ProF2. The typologies of the price list are automatically converted into technical typologies for production and cost analysis, allowing a comparison between the list price and the analytical price. 
For maximum flexibility, in the same estimate, you can enter both the typologies for which the prices are calculated according to the rules of the commercial list, and the typologies realized through the technical design environment for which the selling price is calculated in analytical mode.
External commercial management
Specially designed for the management of external business networks, the ProF2 Show-Room version creates sales estimates using lists generated by the PLM module. 
Orders collected from the sales network are transferred to the company to be automatically transformed into production orders. 
The FST Cloud service constantly keeps up-to-date the price lists of all Show-Room programs and automatically transfers orders to the manufacturer.
Features of ProF2 PLM
- Calculation of the price grid by analytical method
- Print list and export to PDF or Excel® format
- Management of grid price lists, linear or by square meter
- Creation of lists for marketed items
- Definition of article configuration variants
- Definition of the rules for calculating the sales price according to the variants
- Export of price list to file 
Automatic upload of the price list updates with Cloud FST service