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Solid Plus

Solid Plus

Solid Plus

Software for converting 3D drawings into CAD-CAM programmes for production 

Solid Plus imports 3D drawings in STEP format generated with three-dimensional CAD and creates the CAM program without the need for a dimensional drawing.

The Solid Plus software recognises and processes all the data (profiles, lengths and cutting angles, machining, tools), and then automatically transfers them to the CAM of the machine.

The benefits of Solid Plus

  • From technical drawing to production without drafting and manual transcription of dimensions
  • Import of 3D files in STEP format compatible with all 3D CAD
  • Multi-machine management: it creates CAM programmes to run the part on different machines
  • Automatic recognition of the profile code from the part section
  • Automatic recognition of machining, slots, holes and cuts, tapping, etc.
  • Manual modification of machining
  • User-customisable machining recognition to solve recurring operations
  • 3D touch probe management
  • Connected to a suitably configured 4.0 ready machinery, it facilitates the implementation of a 4.0 production cycle
  • Additional module for 3D simulation of material removal


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