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Machining Library

FSTML is a machining library management software.

Its simplified interface was specially developed to create macros that automatically adapt to profiles. FSTML manages the connection with machining centres and/or lines, importing the tools and profiles table from each machine.

When it is connected to more than one machine, FSTML assigns the most appropriate tool to the macros and sets differentiated machining rules for each machine.

FSTML is integrated with the main software vendors through the standard FOM format, while additional modules are available for specific formats to import other formats such as NCX and NCW.

FSTML‘s powerful macro management engine also handles parametric macros and allows setting rules to automatically edit macros received from office software.


Benefits of FSTML

  • 3D design environment
  • Profile library with customisable hook points
  • Multi-machine management (machining centres or lines)
  • Multiple profile macro association
  • Flipping or parametric macro management
  • Macro/machining replacement rules management
  • Connection to FOM machines for importing tool tables and automatic alignment of the profile position in the machine
  • Import and export driver via FOM protocol
  • Export or import driver for NCX, NCW or other customised formats (optional)