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Design and calculation software for door and window frames

Available in four versions ProF2 is the core module of the Fom Software Technology Suite. Easy to use thanks to its CAD-based design environment, ProF2 supports the company in all areas, from sales to production.

The benefits of ProF2

  • Design in CAD environment with scale drawings
  • Management of door and window frames of all shapes: rectangular, non-rectangular, and arched
  • Use of aluminium, PVC, aluminium-wood, iron and steel systems
  • Preloaded profile archives
  • Archives that can be modified independently by the user
  • Analytical calculation of door and window frame costs and contribution margins
  • Generation of offers that can be exported to PDF, Word or Excel
  • Calculation of grid price lists
  • Uw Calculation
  • Printing of declarations of compliance for tax bonuses
  • CE marking management
  • Stock management
  • Orders to suppliers
  • Printing of documents for production
  • Cutting optimisation
  • Partial or complete 3D rendering of the typology with machining
  • Transfer of data to production machines: cutting machines, machining centres, welding machines, etc.
  • Drawings and sections that can be exported to DXF and DWG formats


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