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Flat curtain wall design software

ProSky is the module of the Suite dedicated to the design of flat curtain walls.

Starting from the graphic definition of the floors, and the choice of node types, ProSky calculates all the load-bearing elements of the wall: anchor points, accessories and machining.

The curtain walls designed with ProSky are entered into ProF2 job orders to print the offer, carry out the cost analysis, calculate the materials and transfer of the work lists to the machines.

The benefits of ProSky

  • Design in 3D environment
  • Graphic management of the position of floors
  • Graphic management of the position of crosspieces and uprights
  • Guided composition of the uprights and crosspieces node
  • Calculation of accessories, including floor mounting brackets
  • Calculation of the estimate and material development
  • Graphic interface for linking machining
  • Partial or complete 3D rendering of the curtain wall with machining
  • Sending of data to production machines: cutting machines, machining centres, etc.
  • Printing of documents for production
  • Export of drawings to DXF or DWG format


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