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In-house sales management software

ProF2 PLM is a sales configurator for door and window frames. The ProF2 Suite module defines for each item the price grid, the construction variants and the corresponding constraints and sales prices.

Price lists created with ProF2 PLM can be used directly in ProF2 or sent to ProF2 showrooms via the FST Cloud. Orders received from showrooms are then imported and converted into production orders.

Furthermore ProF2 PLM can handle both in-house manufactured and marketed items such as roller shutters, insect screens or interior doors.

The benefits of ProF2 PLM

  • Creation of item configuration variants
  • Configuration of pricing rules according to variants and constraints
  • Printing of the grid price list with variants
  • Use of price lists via ProF2 or ProF2 Showroom
  • Configurator for manufactured and marketed items
  • Distribution of up-to-date price lists via the FST Cloud service


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