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Distretto dell’informatica Romagnolo: Marco Montanari talks about FST


Marco Montanari, COO of FST, gave an interview to”Distretto dell’informatica Romagnolo (DIR), a regional association of which FST is an active member.

DIR aims to create a network among the key players in the Romagna digital scene and to promote innovation, research, and development in our sector.

During the interview, Montanari highlighted our continuous commitment to developing advanced software solutions for the window and door industry and for aluminum and PVC processing machinery.

After reading about how FST creates software capable of covering various business areas, from commercial to production optimization and planning, you can also learn more about the composition of our teams, from developers to technical support. Additionally, FST is also actively involved in training the new generations in the field of computer science.

In the interview, you will learn about FST’s collaborations with schools and universities to offer training courses, internships, and thesis opportunities, thus contributing to the professional growth and technological preparation of future talents in the sector.


You can find the complete interview at this link: [].