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Why choose ProF2 CAM?


ProF2 CAM is the module from the ProF2 Suite specifically designed for managing machining archives.

There are several reasons why this software solution might be the right choice for your company.

Firstly, ProF2 CAM simplifies macro management, allowing you to use the same macro across multiple profiles. This way, you can automatically adapt the macro to the new profile while maintaining the reference points of the original one.

Secondly, ProF2 CAM is multi-machine, meaning companies with more than one machinery won’t need to search for the macro on each machine but only once, subsequently defining the tools.

Additionally, over the years, we’ve observed that ProF2 CAM customers with various machining centers and production lines find it very practical to centralize macros in the office. This enables a more precise control over production, thereby increasing efficiency. The macro management system of ProF2 CAM reduces programming and archive maintenance times even for companies using a single work center.

For more information on ProF2 CAM, please contact Customer Service.