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Automate and Simplify Machinings with Solid Plus


Solid Plus is FST’s software that recognizes and processes all the data of a piece, and then automatically transfers them to the CAM of the machine.

Under certain circumstances, the automatic recognition of the machining by Solid Plus can be manually modified by the user, to obtain the ideal result that meets their needs.

Solid Plus also makes it possible to store the machining operations entered by the user, saving them as “MACRO” and reuse them on other parts.

This eliminates the need to manually create the machining for each part.

In addition, a system has been developed to automatically enter “macros” to further simplify the process of creating programmes.

If the software finds a part to be machined with a matching “macro”, it recognises it and automatically applies that “macro”.

This allows operators to save time when analysing parts, avoiding manual intervention.

Automatic macro entry in Solid Plus is particularly useful for those who need to process large numbers of parts by importing them from STEP files.

This update speeds up work, reduces the likelihood of human error, and simplifies the process of recognising machining types.

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