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Production Plus: Integration with ERP


Production Plus simplifies the integration of product technical configurations with your ERP system.
The FST software allows for the import of CSV files generated by the ERP, containing the list of items, as an alternative to manually inputting production orders. All the necessary information to configure the items is included in the CSV file, which can also contain additional information transferred to the machine for possible printing of part labels.
In cases where an onboard printer is not available, a specific kit for label printing directly in the office is provided.
Furthermore, following the optimization calculation of bar cutting, Production Plus generates a CSV file that, when re-imported by the company’s management system, is used to update inventory balances.
The data flow between the ERP and Production Plus can be fully automated using scripts, eliminating the need for manual intervention in data import and conversion, thereby increasing efficiency and reducing management times and the risk of errors.


The functions listed above require additional modules not included in the base license. Contact us for more information