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Production Plus launches Dark Mode


Dark Mode is a software display option in which the background of the user interface is dark in color, while text and objects are light in color.

Production Plus now offers the option to take advantage of this setting, which is designed to provide a more comfortable and relaxing viewing experience while using the program.

There are several benefits to using dark mode including:

  1. Reduced Eye Strain: Using dark colors can reduce eye strain, especially when working long hours on a computer.
  2. Power Saving: When using mobile devices or laptops, dark mode can help saving battery power, as black pixels don’t require much power to display.
  3. Improved Readability: White text on a black background may be more readable for some people, as it reduces glare and eye strain.
  4. Better user experience in low-light spaces: Using a dark mode can make the experience of using the software more comfortable when working in low-light environments, thus avoiding screen glare.
  5. Reduction of exposure to blue light: Some studies show how the use of this mode can reduce the emission of blue light from devices, whose prolonged exposure over time can be harmful to health.

Production Plus does not only offer “dark mode” but also other UI display options. Users can also choose between the standard green “Fom Mode” interface and the light blue “Light Mode” interface. This allows you to customize the experience of using the software according to your preferences and the specific working needs.

For more information on this update, contact Customer Service.