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Solid Plus 4.4

Solid Plus 5: Discover the latest upgrade

Solid Plus 4.4

FST has released the new version of Solid Plus, which deploys some software features.


> One of the central elements of this update is the 3D visualization.

Now, thanks to the sharper and more accurate 3D view, users can examine piece details and processes with greater clarity and precision.

The introduction of the 3D cube also facilitates piece inspection, allowing users to select the desired position with a simple click.


> Maghinings recognition has been enhanced with the addition of multi-pass trimming and automatic notch recognition.


> Regarding Assemblies, importing with original colors, new filters for selection, and the addition of “thermal break profiles recognition” make part selection easier. This allows users to quickly find desired elements.


> Finally, Solid Plus 5 perfectly integrates with production machines, enabling the direct sending of new profiles to the machine. This eliminates the need for intermediate steps and further simplifies the workflow.


The update is available free of charge for all customers with an active support contract.

For further information or to reactivate the support and maintenance contract, please contact FST Customer Service.